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home assessments  
NorthCoast Rehab Services have many years of experience in providing:
  • Case management
  • Home modification advice
  • Adaptive equipment prescription
  • Advice on home-based care plans

On occasion home / house adaptations may be necessary to improve the home environment to ensure an injured person or persons with disability can remain in their home with some form of independence. A home assessment allows the Occupational Therapist to assess your level of function in your daily tasks – such as cooking, dressing and eating, in your own environment.

Equipment Prescription
Appropriate recomendations and individualised adaptations can be made. Alternative ways of doing these tasks can be discussed and trialled which can improve  your ability to function in safety around the home.

Not all adaptations need to be “major” - minor adaptations such as grab rails, adapted cutlery etc. can make a positive difference.

Activities of Daily Living

An activities of daily living (ADL) evaluation is an assessment of an individual's physical and sometimes mental skills. In the area of physical or occupational therapy, it reflects how well a disabled patient or someone recovering from disease or accident can function in daily life. It is also used to determine how well patients relate to and participate in their environment.

NorthCoast Rehab can assess and determine how independent injuried  persons or persons with disabilities. are The assessment can evidence what skills they can accomplish on their own, as well as to gauge how independent each individual can become after intervention by a health professional.

NorthCoast Rehab's goal is to assist their clients to become as independent as possible, using appropriate adaptations if needed.


Our Services

Pre-employment Screenings
pre-employment assessments  

Screenings are invaluable for success in employee selection.

Return to Work Programs
return to work programs  

Returning injured workers to work safely following a workplace injury or illness.

Medico-Legal Assessments

Legal injury analysis and expert occupational opinion.

Workplace Injury Management & Prevention
workplace injury and management  

Prevention of injuries & management of safe return to work programs of injured workers.

Driving Assessments
driving assessments  

Assessment of injured persons to determine capability of driving a vehicle.

Vocational Assessments
vocational assessment  

Analysing an injured worker's current skills, experience and providing advice on potential job options.

Ergonomic Assessments
ergonomic assessment  

Injury prevention assessment in the workplace, setup and training.

Home Assessments
home assessments  

Identifying and removing barriers in the workplace and home for people with disability.

Functional Capacity Evaluations
functional capacity evaluations  

Assessing objective information relevant to the determination of feasibility for employment.