VOSS Provider


return to work programs

NorthCoast Rehab are a VOSS provider based on the Sunshine Coast. VOSS provides financial support to eligible people with a disability for:

  • a detailed assessment of vehicle modification requirements with a recommendation (prescription) for the best solution
  • vehicle modifications, purchase of an already modified vehicle, or a vehicle to be modified to match identified needs lessons to learn to drive the modified car
  • Successful applicants still need to pay the gap between the subsidy and the full cost of the modifications or purchase price of the vehicle.

You must meet specific eligibility criteria to access the scheme. Check the VOSS website to see if you meet the eligibility.


NorthCoast Rehab Services

North Coast Rehabilitation Services  provides comprehensive occupational rehabilitation and management of injury services which include:

Chris Birtles, Occupational Therapist established  NorthCoast Rehab Services in 2003 on the Sunshine Coast.  Chris is also experienced in the inpatient and outpatient assessment and management of many physical conditions in adults and children, including brain and spinal cord injuries, multiple traumas, burns, and other neurological, orthopaedic and medical conditions.

NorthCoast Rehab provides rehabilitation services on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland and surrounding areas.