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return to work programs
The Return to Work (RTW) Program is a process involving insurers, employees, health providers, and employers.

The RTW program provides a planned approach to returning or remaining at work following an injury or illness, whether occupational or non-occupational.

The purpose of the RTW Program is to facilitate the safe and earliest possible return to work from absence due to injury, illness or a medical condition.

A personalized RTW plan (is developed by NorthCoast Rehab in consultation with the injured worker, their physician and/or other health service providers,and their employer.

The process is flexible depending on individual case needs, however, the Return to Work Process generally proceeds in the following manner:

  • program description, interview and consent
  • collection of medical documentation for the purpose of RTW
  • communication on a need to know basis with stakeholders
  • return to work plan implementation
  • setup of host employment (if required)
  • follow up and monitoring