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NorthCoast Rehab provides Medico Legal Assessments and Reports for solicitors, insurers and other parties to assist in determining the impact of an injury on a person's life and functional ability in home, work and community-based tasks.

The Occupational Therapy Assessment report addresses the questions posed in the instructions and analysis of function in areas such as:

  • Personal care
  • Domestic duties
  • Vocational ability
  • Educational & training needs
  • Capacity to care for others (eg. dependents, children)
  • Community access ( eg. driving, transport)
  • Living skills (eg. ability to manage own affairs)
  • Ability to engage in leisure activities
  • Where applicable, consideration is given to past and/or future requirements (eg. gratuitous care prognosis, changes to circumstances, ageing and care).

Recommendations are provided and aimed at maximising a person's level of functional independence. Recommendations may include:

  • Intervention: Future therapy, treatment and/ or rehabilitation needs.
  • Equipment: Adaptive aids or equipment including type, cost, supply, maintenance and replacement of equipment.
  • Environmental Modifications: Access, accommodation requirements, home modifications and options.
  • Transport: Vehicle modifications and requirements, transport funding or licensing.
  • Care Requirements: Type of care (eg. domestic assistance, attendant care, nursing care) hours, cost and suppliers.